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Bespoke Framing

Our small team of skilled framers can offer a personal consultation before expertly crafting a beautiful hand-made frame to match your exact requirements.

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We firmly believe that bespoke framing solutions should firstly be functional, providing artwork or memorabilia protection.  In today’s environment, we understand that it is not just vintage art, photographs and water-colours that require conservation picture framing services… even newly produced artwork requires protection.


Secondly, we are committed to the fact that fine art framing should be beautiful.  Even the simplest of picture frames should be proportionally elegant, with strong corners and a smooth, consistent surface.


We have an extensive range of materials available, to suit all budgets, from hand-gilded frames to perspex presentation boxes.  When working with fine art, we source the highest quality archival materials (all of which have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH, i.e. good aging properties).


From wedding shoes and skate boards to Andy Warhol prints and theatre tickets, bespoke framing of precious possessions is probably one of the most popular services we offer today.

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