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Framing Components

With an infinite number of Framing Options available, we are happy to share our artistic eye in realising the most complementary solution for your art works and treasured items.

Whether visual impact or protection is your priority, our small team of framers are skilled in blending beautiful design and craftsmanship with the right combination of workshop-3sm_0the highest quality materials:

  • The Frame
  • Mounts
  • Spacers
  • Hand Painted Slips
  • Glazing
  • Unusual Framing Components

The Frame

Wood, metal or veneer finish mouldings? 
Plain or ornate?  Matt or glossy?  Painted or gilded?  Rectangular or Oval?  Box frame, or DSC_1424antique swept?

The options may be endless, but with the end result either enhancing or distracting from the item being framed, it is one of the most important decisions in the framing process and the start of every Consultation.


Dry mounting is the process of bonding photographs, prints and artwork to another surface, such as linen or fabric.  This allows you to present your work completely flat.


For 3D objects or when wanting visual impact, a deeper frame may be used, which may result in the use of single or double mounts or block mounting.  It is useful to look at a combination of options insitu, before making your decision.


Once the frame is known, spacers can be used to either extend the background of your item or create a complementary frame of colour to give it the spotlight it deserves.

Single or double?  One colour or two?  We can help you decide.

Hand Painted Slips


Our bevel cut, hand painted slips are popular when colour matching to a room or for themed interior design.

These are available in standard rectangular or oval shapes, but we can also source a bespoke shape if you prefer, such as a heart or to follow the outline of a figure.


Perspex?  Glass?  Or invisible glass?  It is not just the price that sets them apart, each material provides a differing end result.  We will always give you unbiased advice, based on the object being framed and the proposed end location.  The end decision is always yours.


Unusual Framing Components

If you wish, we can design your frame to go around corners or to sit box-like on a table top, or even become your table top!

Or you might be considering framing a doorway or sky light in your home or business?

The components used in any framing project will be chosen by our artistic team to suit the proposed purpose.

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