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Case Studies

Gillian has teamed up with local experienced craftsmen to offer a wide range of specialist services from the gallery workshop, such as Bespoke Framing, Picture Hanging & Art Installations, Restoration and Preservation.

A selection of recent case studies follow.  Please contact us on +44 (0)1628 527 720 to book a Framing Consultation or to discuss your own requirements.


How a hand painted slip can create a uniqueness to any painting

On August 31, 2013



The Mission
Our customer presented us with beautiful and delicate painting of little girl. How could we create a special frame that did not oversate the picture?

Our Solution
We created deep box frame using slate linen mounts with linen spacers inside whilst the the use of yellow hand painted slip has really made a stunning presentation for this delicate original painting.

Photography Installation: Mulberry’s Health & Beauty Spa, Beaconsfield

On May 4, 2013

gillian 4gillian 3A small selection of furnishings at the exclusive Mulberry’s Health & Beauty Spa are available for purchase for those who also like to ‘browse’ when enjoying a pampering day.

We were asked for a display of fine art & photography and couldn’t resist sending over Gillian’s own work, of strong and sensual images captured when living in the Middle East. They set the scene beautifully, given the body-conscious surroundings.

For more examples, please visit Image byGillian.

Mirror Installation: Mulberry’s Health & Beauty Spa, Beaconsfield

On April 25, 2013

mirror-spa1sm20130328_134404-cropA small selection of furnishings at the exclusive Mulberry’s Health & Beauty Spa are available for purchase.

We were asked to display a range of our luxurious bespoke handmade mirrors, together with a collection of fine art for discerning clients to either enjoy or purchase.

What better way to browse our artworks than whilst indulging in a beauty treatment or sharing a glass of champagne with friends!

When Indulgent Luxury is on the Menu…

On April 25, 2013

mirror-spa1smThe Mission
Mulberry’s Health & Beauty Spa in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire is a world of personalised luxury and indulgence.  But how do you go about creating an interior space that reflects the pampering that takes place at this exclusive retreat?

Our Solution
Our installation of luxurious hand made Bespoke Mirrors (with antique swept frames) created space, light and the air of opulence… whilst our limited edition black and white fine art Photography (of strong but sensually shot male and female human forms) captured the essence of the healthy, body-conscious surroundings.

When a Moment in time needs Preserving…

On February 4, 2013

Baby's Hand PrintThe Mission
Our customer treasured a hand-painted clay moulding of their child’s hand print.  But how to avoid it being chipped or broken when admiring, cleaning or moving it over years to come?

Our Solution
A Bespoke Frame for display on a bedroom wall has ensured it will never get used as a door stop!  Our team measured up the item and set it into a deep box frame, for protection for years to come.  White was chosen for the frame and blue for the mount to allow clean, modern stand out in a childlike way.

When the Artwork is all you want to See…

On February 4, 2013

Room InstallationThe Mission
Our customer was posed with a problem.  He was not sure what sort of frame to choose for his original prints, which were to be hung on a plain white wall.

Our Solution
During a Framing Consultation, our team recommended he choose white frames, white mounts and invisible glass, to create an understated finish, whilst increasing the blueprint for maximum impact.  The result was stunning, with nothing compromising the stand out of the beautiful artworks.

When a Mirror is more than just a Mirror…

On January 22, 2013

val-bespoke-mirrorsmThe Mission
Our customer was faced with the dilemma of how to bring space and light into a small room in a refurbished Victorian cottage.

Our Solution
Our design team were pleased to design a stylish Bespoke Framed Mirror.  By selecting a reflective pewter foiled-finish frame that softly reflected the modernised tones of the room, the made-to-measure mirror was hung above the fire place, immediately creating new dimensions and bringing light to the room.


When your Collection becomes an Artwork itself…

On November 4, 2012

concert-ticketsframedThe Mission
Our customer had a collection of tickets from old music concerts he’d attended in years gone by.  He was not sure how to display them, but knew he wanted to keep them all together, as a collection, in one frame.

Our Solution
We came up with unique idea to have them mounted onto a sheet of aluminium, then framing the result with a custom-made Bespoke Frame, producing eye catching results.

When your artwork is Unusual or 3Dimensional…

On September 5, 2012

Afghan Wedding TunicThe Mission
Our customer presented us with a child’s Afghan wedding tunic which not only needed to be Displayed in a timeless way, but Protected from fabric-harming elements such as the sun (fading), moths (eating) and dust (which can build up and become difficult to remove).

Our Solution
Bespoke Frame with invisible glass was the perfect choice for displaying such intricate craftsmanship.  We set the tunic into a deep box frame, dry-mounting it onto a hand painted linen background.  Sometimes simplicity requires the greatest skill!

When you want to Display something out of the Ordinary…

On March 15, 2012

faces-smal-1lThe Mission
A collector of rare hand-painted Chinese masks wanted to be able to display them in his home in a way that would protect them from damage, without distracting from their simplistic beauty.

Our Solution
Our team of framers designed a Bespoke deep box frame for the masks to be set into.  Protected with specialist Invisible Glass to minimise reflection, you could barely tell they were covered at all, with the beautiful quality of the antique paint fully visible.  No more dusting!

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