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Bespoke Framed Mirrors


Looking to throw light into new areas or simply like the idea of a bespoke mirror to fit an unusual space?

Our small team of skilled framers can offer a personal consultation before expertly designing and then crafting something worthy of becoming an outstanding feature of your office or home.

Unique Solutions

When offering a bespoke framed mirror solution, we adore the fact that we are framing something unknown… a reflection that will change infinitely.  For this reason, we ensure the frame for your mirror is not only functional (in terms of protection of the reflective surface it contains and offering easy cleansing), but proportionally elegant (with strong corners and a smooth, consistent surface).


We understand how important it is that it complements the reflection beautifully and does not distract for the wrong reasons.

Transform your World

We have an extensive range of framing materials available, to suit all budgets… from hand-gilded ornate or period themes to stylish contemporary or modern styles.

For the office or for the home, for the hallway or for the bathroom, a beautifully made bespoke framed mirror can transform your world, bringing a room to life with added space and light, at very little cost.

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