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Picture Hanging and Installation

NIC_4408_2478-smOur expert team of technicians have the knowledge and experience  of picture hanging and installation of art and we can deliver directly to your door with the utmost care and protection. With our expert knowledge of framing and handling of art we can give advise on how to hang artwork even in the most difficult of places . Our service also provides placement and design of grouping of pictures to give the maximum impact in the room. We cover a wide radius also including  Maidenhead, Marlow, Henley and Beaconsfield delivering artwork directly to your door with specialist care.

With experience in high quality frame and plinth design, we understand how all the elements of a frame  fit together, so can easily identify the safest means for display.

NIC_4409_2479-smWhether fitting a large art collection for a corporate firm or a personal collection of one or two photographic prints in a homely surrounding, no project is too large or too small.

You Gain from our Experience

Recognising the differing needs of both handling and installing a delicate framed artwork to a heavy, 3D sculpture is something that comes second nature to us.

And no job is ever the same, so you gain from our years of experience.

Get us to do the Dirty Work

If you have a selection of pictures and art  you’ve been meaning to hang for ages, but are not sure where to start, why not call us for a quote and some expert advice?  We’d be happy to help.Picture Hanging 01

We have also been trained on hanging artwork to meet your optical needs.  Whether maximum visual impact or long term enjoyment, we will ensure each piece complements its surroundings and gives you the effect you desire.

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