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Picture Restoration

14th Century Original Canvas with Chalk

Did you know we are able to offer a restoration service to rival some of the best in the country?

Our specialist restoration team has been bringing paintings back to their former glory for over 30 years, restoring oils, water-colours and prints, whilst we repair the old or damaged picture frames.

From valuable paintings to family ‘heirlooms’ of sentimental value, their experience in both cleaning and restoring historic Old Masters is just as skilfully seen in the repair of modern works of art.

We only work with the Best!

Amongst the credits for their works are commissions for the following:


The British Royal Family * The Rothschild’s * Bonham’s * Blenheim Palace * The Paul Getty Collection * The Canadian National Gallery * The Victorian Preservation Center in Oakland, California.

Our team have also undertaken a number of high profile projects for clients from around the world including the USA, Russia, Brazil and Malaysia.

So, whether you need a badly torn canvas restored, paint stabilized, or a delicate surface cleaned… you’ll be in good company!

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Some of our artists’ work

Sunset over Manhattan  (95 limit) Times Square  (95 limit) Summer Fun - Este Macleod Watermelon